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National Company

Providing Qualified Staff

to Enable Everyone To Travel!

kim_and_AHPreferred Travel Helpers is a distinctly unique company with the goal of bridging distances to bring loved ones together for any occasion. 

Preferred Travel Helpers provides a professional Helper for every travel experience through our two impactful services: Travel Companion and Personal Travel Assistant.


Travel Companion Program - This service is designed for Clients that just need a little extra support while traveling.Edith_and_Shelly
  •   Our Helper will accompany client from departure city to arrival destination anywhere in the world.

  •   PTH will arrange, coordinate and provide a detailed travel plan for everyone.

  •   Our Helper will assist with: check in; luggage; customs; security; ground transportation; all logistics to ensure a safe and stress free journey.

  •   During travel, PTH will maintain communications with family members via email, text or phone to ensure Total Peace of Mind.

  •   Once the trip is completed, a quality assurance survey will be performed to make sure we are exceeding expectations.

Personal Travel Assistant Program- This service is designed for clients who need a Helper to stay with them throughout their travels.  We offer 3 different levels designed to meet the individual travel needs of our clients. 
Helper Kassie with FamilySince our Helpers are traveling with the client and staying with them throughout the trip, Helpers are able to assist as needed so that the primary care giver is ALSO enjoying their travels. These different programs allow our clients to choose the best match of our Helper's skill sets and job duties to their specific travel needs.

Bronze Program:

  • Our Helper's skill sets supports minimum medical needs such as assistance with a walker, wheel chair, limited stamina, age and will blend in with the family.

  • Personal concierge to help arrange for ground transportation, excursions, reservations, packing, etc. 

  • Trained in CPR, Flight Physiology, Geriatric Care, TSA Rules, International Travel Safety, Nutrition and enjoy working with children and the elderly.

  • Helper provides support for the family as needed.

Silver Program:

  • Our Helper's skill sets is more than that of a travel companion in the Bronze Program but less than that of a medical escort in the Gold Program.

  • Our Helper will also be able to provide assistance with dressing, hygiene, feeding, and med management.

  • Trained in lifting techniques and supporting physical accommodations and accessibility.

  • Our Helper's in this program are experienced care givers, para professionals, LPN's, and teachers.

  • Depending on the severity, Helper has worked with geriatrics, autism, dementia, alzheimer's, etc.

Gold Program:

  • Skill set of Helper requires medical assistance such as administrating medications, monitoring blood pressure, monitoring glucose levels, etc.

  • We would coordinate with family, care giver, case manager or doctor to create a travel plan to support medical conditions for traveling in new environments.

  • Our Helper's in this program are experienced care givers in the medical industry as a RN (Registered Nurse), RT (Respiratory Therapist), Paramedic or EMT (Emergency Medical Technician).