Top places to see in Myanmar and the incredible balloons

Myanmar is an amazing travel point, there is such an abundance of color, exotic places and interesting attractions. Few people have heard about Myanmar, some only know it as Burma, the old name, and most people have the same reaction when they hear something like this from northern Thailand’s neighbors: “Myanmar, is this even a country?”

It is also fascinating, shocking and hits you as a very cold shower since you take the first step in the airport. Even though I seriously documented myself before heading out this spring, nothing prepared me for the reality that you will discover there. Whether you want to get there in the very near future, or want to enrich your general culture a little, you should know a few things about Myanmar.

Religion: About 89% of the population of this country practices Buddhism. This means that the rules specific to any other Buddhist country also apply here, especially with regard to temples, where you are not allowed to walk around with bare shoulders, dresses or shorts, footwear, and even socks. The best idea would be to get a pair of slippers, possibly from the velvet – yes, yes, the velvet! -, because, honestly, you will have to go down a lot of times. The people of Myanmar are not only religious but superstitious. Often, at dusk, hundreds of people sit quietly on foot, listening to the teachings of the Great Monk, blocking access to a whole street. Therefore, it would not hurt if, before this trip, you read a little about Buddhism and the customs of the place, so that such meetings do not take you by surprise. Men with skirts, women painted on the face, chewing tobacco and velvet slippers.

Speaking of which, we have been told in Myanmar so many times that we are beautiful that we got a bit up. Not being accustomed to such goodwill, I initially thought that there should be an interest in the middle, that they were far too friendly, but it was not. They seem to like tourists, feel good about them and are very curious and sincere. Only in Bagan did I meet traders who were a little more insistent, but not as far away as the Balinese, the Turks or the Moroccans. At the first refusal, any attempt would end, which, we tell you from experience, does not happen much in other parts. And, as a very valuable tip, remember “Mingalarbar”. It is the greeting of the locals, it means a good day and you will surely impress them, especially if you come through the rural areas. Read extra details on Myanmar travel agents.

Moreover, the roads are not bright either, air competition exists, that is, but it is completely lacking (or near), in terms of hotel services would have enough to learn from their neighbors a bit more experienced, and trips on on their own they are very cumbersome. In fact, in some places, you can’t do much on your own, but you have to rely on private taxis or organized trips that are not cheap. One by one, Myanmar is a destination for connoisseurs, for those travelers who already have some experience in organizing holidays on their own, and is, in many ways, quite difficult to digest. The miracle happens, however, when you understand it, because then you will clearly fall in love with places and people as well.

Burmese chew betel leaves mixed with various powders and tobacco as a drug that gives them a euphoric state, broken teeth and stained lips and addiction. You will see them spitting the reddish-brown mixture all over the street. Do not be surprised if in a restaurant, shop or hotel you have five employees around you. One asks you, one takes your money, one writes, one gives you the product, one checks. Most of the time they get in the way of each other and they don’t really get what they want to do. Have patience and do not raise the tone, you will not solve anything with this. Find additional details at Myanmar trekking tours.