Top travel trends and a few attractions choosing tricks

Travel is a effective self improvement tactic. To maximize the positive effects on creativity, however, an authentic, deep experience abroad is essential. “Foreign experiences increase both cognitive flexibility and the depth and integrative character of thinking, the ability to make deep connections between disparate forms. The key critical process is multicultural engagement, immersion and adaptation. Someone who lives abroad and is not involved in the local culture will have less stimulation of creativity compared to someone who travels abroad and is involved in the local environment ”, explained one of the authors of the study, Prof. Adam Galinksky, for The Atlantic.

Vey important travel trend , according to Round PlayGround, in 2019, situations that change the way people travel: The Pursuit of Wellness: The trend of traveling for wellness is not a new concept, but interest in travel as a form of self-care is at an all-time high and is projected to continue growing rapidly in the coming years. Travel brands can capitalize on this interest in expanding wellness concepts for all budget options, from a budget hotel rolling out healthy menu options and hiking maps to entirely new luxury hotel and cruise brands focused on wellness as a lifestyle.

Travel makes us happier in all areas of life. Apparently, a short trip is beneficial both for the peace of mind and for improving the quality of life. Blood pressure, heart rate and adrenaline levels drop rapidly after just one, two days off. But the benefits of travel do not stop here. See more info on Benefits of travelling.

Helps you find a purpose in life: The more you travel, the more you know more people, see more cultures and experience different lifestyles of your own. With all this news in your life, you will have other opportunities and open your horizons, which most often gives people a purpose in life. If you fail to figure out what you want to do in your life, what career path you choose and what you are headed for, then travel more and you will be surprised by what you discover.

“We’re hearing more and more from guests that some parts of the world are getting too crowded, like Venice, Santorini, and Rome,” says John Spence, president of tour operator Scott Dunn. Brad Horn, managing director of travel outfitter Epic Private Journeys, agrees. “We are seeing increasing interest in less traveled destinations like Ethiopia, Madagascar, Northern Kenya, Bhutan, and far-flung Indonesia,” he says. [Read why overtourism matters.] Therefore, expect vacationers in 2019 to take travel congestion seriously, either skipping well-trod spots altogether or being more strategic about when they venture out. To escape Iceland’s crowds, for example, Spence recommends exploring similar regions like Norway, Sweden, and Slovenia. Roar Africa’s Deborah Calmeyer says an alternative to the Caribbean is the Indian Ocean Islands, particularly North Island in the Seychelles or Miavana in Madagascar. And Geographic Expeditions Kate Doty points to journeying off-season: the crowds are thinner and winter activities are available (think heli-skiing in New Zealand and Chile). “Cold is the new hot,” she says.

Travelling with a conscience is going to be a big focus in 2019 – in fact, a third of travellers look for a company that is sustainable when researching their next trip. But with a growing demand for sustainable tour operators, it is essential that travellers research beforehand to find out what companies are actively doing in the area of sustainability. Sustainable tourism has become paramount in today’s modern world, 1 in 3 look for a company that is sustainable. But with a growing demand for sustainable tour operators, it is essential that travellers research beforehand to find out what companies are actively doing in the area of sustainability. Source: Round PlayGround