5 top attractions in Kalymnos and villa rentals

Kalymnos tours with villa rentals: Sports fans and nature activities will discover Kalymnos a very interesting travel location, recently it has become very popular for people who enjoy rock climbing, water sports, trekking, and scuba diving – the island is one that offers amazing experiences and thrills.

Kalymnos is also famous for the local divers who venture daily into the waters to collect the beautiful sea sponges from the seabed. One lovely aspect of the landscape of Kalymnos is that it is surrounded by numerous small islets such as Telendos, Agia Kyriaki, Pserimos, and Imia. Visitors to Kalymnos have the opportunity to visit some of these small islands and enjoy the remote and isolated beaches that you will find along their coastlines. There are small boats that visitors can take from the port to these small islets.

As hinted above, Kalymnos contains numerous places of interest. You hence have it for your own visitation if you cherish everything to do with sightseeing. For instance, you may choose to walk around the numerous beaches. Then, you may also walk within the town to behold the various building structures that adorn the town. If you are interested in the past of Kalymnos, consider popping into the Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos or the Chrysocheria Castle. While there, you will get the opportunity also to explore Kalymnos’ glorious past in visual forms. Kindly note that many other resources exist which we cannot exhaust here due to the limitations of space. Find additional info at Greek villa vacation rental with private pool.

The seat of the most popular museums is Pothia; the amazing Archaeological Museum is situated there. It represents precious findings of scientists discovered during the exploration of the island. Nearby is the Maritime Museum, whose collection also strikes with abundance of unique artifacts. You should definitely look into the Ethnographic Museum of Pothia that offers visitors a rich collection of national handicrafts, works of art and utensils.

As the third largest of the Dodekanese islands, Kalymnos is no stranger to tourist crowds. The influx of people flocking to the island during tourist season isn’t as high as on some of the other islands in Greece, which means that the crowds are lively but not too overwhelming. Besides that, it is one of those beautiful islands that can give you a sampling of what the Greek islands are all about. There are more than enough places to visit. The trick is finding the ones that will make your vacation as great as it could be.

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